Join us for Sunday Morning Worship

Reformation Fellowship wants to support families in worship. It is one of our great joys to see our youngest participate in the Lord’s worship from their most tender years. Our parents help their children merge into the public worship of the church in one of three ways:

Some parents keep their children with them in the worship service from their infancy. They want to have them with them in public worship so they train them in that context. Our congregation is very patient with the incidental sounds that our young ones sometimes make while they learn the decorum of the worship of the church.

Others worship with their children in our cry room. This room has a glass wall that is common with the main auditorium. It is for those who wish to train their children to worship in a setting that is reverent and focused but also accommodates the necessary words and unexpected sounds that go along with child training.

Other parents prefer to entrust their children to the care of member volunteers in our nursery. The nursery is for children up to the age of three. These parents prefer to teach their children the decorum of worship in their home so they can merge into the public worship setting during their fourth year of life.