Our congregation is diverse. Some of us are in the autumn or winter of our lives. Others of us are young, single adults getting established in life. Many of us are neck deep in careers and raising our families. Nearly one third of us are 18 or younger!

Our levels of education vary. Some of us are single while others are married. Some of us have lots of kids, others just a few, and still others none. Our children are educated in home schools, charter schools, private Christian schools, and public schools. Some of us live in the country, others in town. Our lifestyles and interests vary.

Our faith in Jesus brings us together, and we appreciate the rich variety God has given us in our warm fellowship. We enjoy being with each other and doing a variety of fun things together. We believe that God gives us much good in this life, and we like to heartily enjoy it with each other.


The first Sunday of each month we hold a potluck type fellowship meal. One of our main purposes for this meal is to provide an opportunity for visitors to stay, sit around tables, get to know some of us, and for us to get to know them. If you plan to visit us on a first Sunday of the month, please plan to stay and be our guest.


Each spring, adult couples and individuals can sign up to be organized into groups of six. Over several months, they schedule a few meals together at their homes with the goal of getting to know each other better. Most who participate say they have made closer friendships within the church as a result.


After the monthly youth study each month, young people remain for an hour or two at the member’s home to talk, snack, play games, and just hang out together. They look forward to this time together.


Each summer about 100 of our members travel to the mountains to camp together for a few days. These prove to be good times for fun, recreation, making and growing friendships, and establishing common memories.


Each summer we host three summer picnics in a local park. We share lunch and then enjoy the outdoors together talking and playing lawn games.


Each year, about 70 of our women spend a Saturday together to fellowship, pray, enjoy meals, and listen to a speaker.


Our sister congregations in Northern California and Nevada join together for various conferences and camps throughout the year.

Other Events

Please visit the Fellowship page on our website to see other events we have going on throughout the year.